Yoga is beyond religion: Catholic priest

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He termed it as “truly universal.”

Yoga Uttar Pradesh, November 5, 2012: A Catholic priest in Agra, whose book on yoga was recently released, said the exercise is beyond religion and “truly universal”.

Archbishop Albert D’Souza of Agra released Father John Ferreira’s latest book “Health, Wealth and Happiness through Yoga” at St Peter’s College in the city.

“The book is a primer, aimed at popularising the intricate knowledge of the esoteric science of yoga, which is beyond religion and truly universal,” Fr. Ferreira said.

He said that modern society with its cup full of stresses, and a package of mental and physical ailments, stands in dire need for India’s yogic knowledge.

“Yoga integrated into the school curriculum will provide a holistic approach to education as a science that not only prepares a student for life but provides the art of living well.

“Joyful living, drawn from the depths of one’s own rhythm of life, according to the goal set by the Creator, is the foundation of health, wealth and happiness,” he added.

In his message, which was read out at the event, Cardinal Oswald Gracias said that through the prescribed postures and exercises one improves one’s all round sense of well-being and is able to enter into oneself so as to commune better with god.

Fr. Ferreira said he has been a follower of many yoga gurus and has extensive research to produce the book.

The book also includes views of Christian priests who have approved his yoga experiments.

“This is significant since yoga is still regarded by many as basically a Hindu system,” he said.

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