Younis Masih: suffers a heart attack, under death sentence in jail

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Younis Masih, a Christian in Pakistani jail, He has been suffering in prison for more than 7 years.January 20, 2013:  Adv. Sardar Mushtaq Gill, chief of LEAD, an apex activist group was told that the hearing of appeal against death penality and fined in The High Court, Lahore was fixed for the DB (Double Bench) of the honorable Justice Mr.Najam-Ul-Hasan and the Honorable Justice Mr.Mahmood Maqbool Bajwa and when the case was called for hearing there were more than 16 persons in the Court and outside the court for putting presure. The case was adjurned for 23 January 2013 for final arguments.

The pressure was same as at the time of bail of Sajjad Masih of blasphemy accused under section 295C PPC and at the trial of Martha bibi and Khuram Shahzad in the trial court.

Brief facts of Younis’s case:

Younis Masih, 27 years old Christian man, resident of Chungi Amer Sidhu, Lahore, arrested under the charges of blasphemy on September 10, 2005. An angry mob of 400 protestors armed with sticks and bricks attacked and ransacked Christian houses, broke down the doors and even stoned the local Churches, where they threw Bibles on to the floor. Younis Masih was also brutally tortured and his wife, Meena was beaten when she came to save her husband. More than 100 Christian families have fled the Chungi Amer Sidhu area to save their lives.

On Saturday night, September 9,2005, Younis Masih went to the house of Baba Chaby, where a mid night Qawali (Muslim religious song) was held and musicians were singing very loudly. Younis asked them not to sing Qawali loudly because his nephew has died and it is also disturbing people and stopping them from sleeping.

Baba Chaby refused to turn down the music. When Younis Masih reiterated his request, the Muslim men in attendance became angry and abused him for asking (them) to turn down the volume. As a result, Younis Masih went home . The next day, the Muslim men who had been listening to the music discussed the issue with local Muslim fellows, exaggerating and manipulating the facts and incited them.
Some of those people who had been in the house listening to the music were looking for Younis Masih.

They found him playing billiards, and thrashed him with sticks and beat him till he fell on the ground and became unconscious.His wife attempted to intervene she was also badly beaten, and her clothes were torn to shreds.The attackers left Younis Masih, thinking he was dead. She took him home with the help of Younis cousin Noble Masih. When Younis Masih regained consciousness, she and Noble Masih went with Younis to the police station to register a complaint. There they tell the story to the SHO of factory area police station who, promised to investigate the incident.

Meanwhile, announcements were made in area Mosques, instigating the local Muslims to attack and burn Christian’s houses … because a Christian man Younis Masih committed blasphemy and uttered derogatory remarks against the Holy Prophet. After hearing that, about 400 protesters carrying sticks attacked the houses where Christian lived. Because of this more than 100 Christian families have fled the area to save their lives. This angry mob surrounded factory area police station and demanded the case to be registered against Younis Masih and refused to leave until they were shown copy of FIR.

To appease the angry mob, police registered a blasphemy case against Younis Masih under section 295C with FIR number 723/2005 at factory area police station Lahore on September 10, 2005, at 7:30 pm and showed a copy of FIR for dispersing the mob. Police then arrested Younis Masih and his cousin Noble Masih, who were already sitting in the police station to lodge their complaint with police against the attack. The police took Younis Masih and his cousin into custody and tortured them brutally. Younis Masih was subsequently sent to Kot Lakhpat Jail, Lahore.

Younis Masih Punished by Court:

He was punished by death and also fined Rs.100,000/ by additional and session judge Lahore on dated May 30,2007. His defense counsel Mr.Pervaiz Aslam Choudary conducted his trial in jail due to security reasons. The court also directed the police to provide security to the lawyer because he had been receiving threats during the trial.

– lead / mushtaq gill

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