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‘We are labourers together with God…’ 1 Corinthians 3:9 KJV

Did you hear the story about the little boy who was selling ten-cent pencils door-to-door to raise the money to build a $30 million hospital in his community?

One woman said to him, ‘Son, that’s a mighty big goal for just one little boy selling pencils for 10 cents.’

With a big smile he replied,  ‘Oh, I’m not doing it alone. See that boy across the street?

He’s my partner; we’re doing it together.’

Now if he had that kind of faith in a partner who was only his equal, shouldn’t you have confidence in a God whose power is unequalled, and whose partnership guarantees success? The Bible says,

‘We are labourers together with God.’

When you truly believe those words you’ll begin to live like a ‘no limit’ person.

When Robert Morrison sailed as a missionary to China, the ship’s captain constantly criticised him and gave him a rough time. As Morrison left the ship, the captain said to him,

‘I suppose you think you’re going to make an impression on China?’

Morrison replied,

‘No, but I believe God will!’

There it is; when you’re in partnership with God your potential is unlimited.

– fwd: samuel machado

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